Boyd Shearer


Department of Geography, University of Kentucky
817 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, Kentucky 40506
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Cartographer and mapping technology instructor. 15+ years of creative teaching and course development and 25+ years of map publishing, web design, and GIS consulting. Creates challenging and rewarding experiences learning open-source mapping, production cartography, and field mapping techniques. Current research uses lidar, digital elevation models, and terrain analysis.


University of Kentucky

M.A., Geography. 1999
Thesis: The Daily Aesthetic []: A Multimedia Exploration of Leisure and Recreation in Lexington’s Segregated Park System

Indiana University

B.A., Major in Geography, Minor in Studio Fine Arts and Mathematics. 1994
Thesis: Abandonment and Generation: Technology & Culture in Indiana Public Parks

Teaching Experience

New Maps Plus

2015–present | Department of Geography, University of Kentucky

Instructor for online program awarding a Graduate Certificate and Master of Science degree in open source mapping. Responsibilities include teaching and developing a curriculum that integrates QGIS, PostGIS, OpenStreetMap data, Leaflet.js, and other mapping libraries with the common web stack to perform and visualize spatial analysis.

Courses taught

Example MAP 671 module from Spring 2018


2008–present | Department of Geography, University of Kentucky

Instructor for in-class undergraduate classes. Advanced courses have focused on ArcGIS and Python and open-source GIS platforms. Created content for all courses.

Courses taught

Recent class project

Adjunct Instructor, Natural Resources and Environmental Science

2013–2017 | College of Agriculture, University of Kentucky

Instructor for field-based GIS applications. Course uses mobile GPS apps, ArcGIS, and Lidar and NAIP datasets to measure tree canopy and 3D attributes in our areas of interest. Created content for all courses.

Recent class project

Adjunct Instructor, Department of History, Languages, and Social Sciences

2006–2013 | Bluegrass Community and Technical College

In-class and online instructor for introductory geography classes.

Courses taught

Recent student project

Recent teaching workshops

Teaching Awards and Recognition


Technology Experience

Spatial apps Programming Design
QGIS, ArcGIS, PostGIS JavaScript, Python, Bash HTML/CSS, Adobe Creative Cloud

Professional Experience

Cartographer and GIS Consultant

1998–present | outrageGIS mapping

Creating navigation aids that help hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians better use public trails and wilderness areas with accurate map information for efficient travel. outrageGIS mapping


1995-1999 | Appalachian Center at the University of Kentucky

Created thematic maps analyzing demographic trends in the Appalachian region. Focused on patterns of social and infrastructural distress at the census tract level of geography. Example publication from 1997, Appalachian Region Poverty Rate by Census Tract.

Map production

A selected list of published maps.

Media production

Grants Received

Service and Affiliations

Town Branch Trail, Inc; Board Member
Kentucky Association of Mapping Professionals
North American Cartographic Association Society

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